Safety Alerts (2018)

Welcome to the new section – BMA Safety  Alerts, these Alerts are provided by the Bahamas Maritime Authority with the aim of highlighting incidents, lessons learnt and to increase awareness, which may help avoid similar incidents occurring elsewhere.

Any queries on the content of the information provided should be referred to the party providing the information, which may not be the BMA.

Safety Alerts
Safety Alert 18-01: IMCA Safety Flash 01/18
Safety Alert 18-02: IMCA Safety Flash 03 / 18
Safety Alert 18-03: IMCA Safety Flash 06 /18
Safety Alert 18-04: IMPA Safety Campaign for Improved Safety of Pilot Transfer Arrangement
Safety Alert 18-05: Breach of Security/Robbery attempt at Bahia De Barcelona Anchorage, Jose (Venezuela)
Safety Alert 18-06: Free Fall Lifeboat Incident During Drill
Safety Alert 18-07: Fatality Onboard a Passenger Ship due to Nitrogen Cylinder Explosion
Safety Alert 18-08: IMCA Safety Flash 18/18
Safety Alert 18-09: IMCA Safety Flash 21-18