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The BMA offers a comprehensive range of services to shipowners, seafarers, and their representatives, through our Registration, Seafarers & Manning, Inspections & Surveys, Investigations and Maritime Affairs departments.

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Online Services

The BMA has developed an industry leading on-line registration information system, (BORIS) for registered owners, ISM managers and authorised Manning Agents of Bahamas registered vessels.

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Vessel registration

How to register a vessel with the Bahamas, with direct access to the Registration Team and for assistance with all registration transactions.

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Yacht Registration

The BMA provides a straightforward, cost effective and efficient registration procedure for private and charter yachts of 12 metres length and above and passenger yachts.

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Seafarers & Manning

Provides all required services to companies, seafarers and other stakeholders. The services include guidance to regulations, approvals of training, certification of seafares, and to ensure compliance with employment conditions on ships. Companies need to employ competent personnel to stay competitive. to improve and maintain competences it has more and more become a trend that companies conduct in-house training.

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Maritime Affairs

We are totally committed to achieving and maintaining the highest possible international standards.

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Inspections & Surveys

Committed to keeping your vessels operational and maximising fleet performance.
The inspections & surveys department is primarily responsible for ensuring that all ships registered comply with the applicable international and national requirements.

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The Investigations department reviews, assesses and investigates marine casualties to prevent future occurrence. To find out how, why and when please enter here.

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