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Passenger Yachts

The Bahamas Maritime Authority is pleased to introduce The Bahamas Passenger Yachts Code (BPYC), to advise and aid the registration of Passenger yachts under The Bahamas flag.

Passenger Yachts (PY)

For guidance on the technical standards, statutory, classification requirements and registration process for Passenger Yachts (PYs) which do not carry cargo and carry more than 12 but not more than 36 passengers, the yacht owner, agents, or managers shall always refer to:

And when yachting in The Bahamas:

The YN008 applies to all type of passenger yachts, as below:

  • i. Passenger Charter Yacht (PCY), on charter and on unrestricted geographical operations;
  • ii. Passenger Yacht 1 (PY-L1), on a prescribed international voyage;
  • iii. Passenger Yacht 2 (PY-L2) on limited weather conditions and limited distance from land;
  • iv. Passenger Private Yacht (PPY), on private and on unrestricted geographical operations;
  • v. Passenger Private Yacht Restricted Charter (PPYRC).

PPYRC shall comply with the provisions of the Bahamas Passenger Yacht Code (BPYC) for the category PY-L2 or higher and are permitted to engage in restricted chartering for a maximum of 84 days per calendar year provided that they:

  • i. carry no more than 12 passengers or social guests; and
  • ii. are restricted to operating in forecast or actual wind of a maximum Beaufort Force 4, for a motor yacht, and Beaufort Force 6 for a sailing yacht; and
  • iii. remain within 60 nautical miles of a safe haven*.

*The BMA may permit operation on specific routes up to 90 nautical miles from a safe haven as appropriate.