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Applications for Certificates of Competency

Bahamas nationals can apply for a certificate of competency for all positions as an officer on any ship. To obtain a Bahamas Certificate of Competency the applicant must sit an assessment that is arranged by the BMA. The assessment process is carried out as follows:

  • A written assessment
  • An oral assessment

To be eligible to sit a Bahamas assessment, the applicant needs to document the following:

  • Age, Identity and Nationality
  • Medical Fitness
  • Appropriate Sea Service
  • Approved STCW training for the relevant certificate

When the applicant complies with the above, he will receive a duly signed Notice of Eligibility (NOE).

The candidate must bring the NOE with him for the written and the oral assessments. The result of the assessment will be notified in the NOE and once the assessments have been passed the signed NOE shall be presented to the BMA office for the appropriate Certificate of Competency.

For syllabi see below.