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Bahamas Shipowners Association

The Bahamas Shipowners Association (BSA) has a long and distinguished history of representing the collective voice of its members who have common interests and a common purpose. The BSA is an active member of the International Chamber of Shipping and the BSA Chair, Mr John Adams, VShips UK Ltd., is currently Vice Chairmen.

The BSA’s objectives are: to promote the interests of owners of Bahamian registered vessels and to facilitate dialogue between the Bahamas Maritime Authority and the Association’s members; to offer owners the chance to be proactive in discussing prospective international policy changes, especially with regard to IMO deliberations; and to meet with international bodies such as the European Community and the US Coast Guard to lobby on behalf of the interests of Bahamas Flagged vessels.

The Board of the BSA is made up of owners from various nations and shipping sectors. No sector goes unheard or unrepresented. The Board holds regular meetings to review proposals that affect the shipping industry.


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