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Bahamas Preferential Maritime Agreement with China

Bahamian flagged vessels get a preferential 28% discount on all port tonnage dues in China

The Bahamas and the People’s Republic of China (PRC) share a reciprocal maritime transport agreement, first signed in 2003, to strengthen their cooperation across the shipping sector. The agreement was developed to reinforce and enhance the relationship between the two governments.

Advantages of the agreement to Bahamas flagged ships:

  • Shipowners of both nations are granted ‘most favoured nation’ status in respect of port access, port stay and use of port facilities.
  • All Bahamas flagged ships receive preferential treatment when calling in to Chinese ports with charges at a 28% discount of standard dues.
  • Chinese authorities will actively work to expedite processes such as customs procedures and other port formalities to avoid unnecessary delays to Bahamas ships.
  • Certificates of registry and other ship’s documents are recognised by Chinese authorities.
  • Assurance of proper and fair treatment of crew members
  • Seafarer identification and record books recognised