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Reporting Procedures and Regulations

In this section you will find the principle legislative documents governing the requirements to report a marine casualty or incident and the international instrument governing the conduct of a marine safety investigation.

Marine Notice 04 provides guidance and instructions on the legal obligation of Bahamian vessels (and all vessels in Bahamas waters) to report certain events to the Bahamas Maritime Authority.

Information Notice 23 provides information on the function and use of the BMA’s online Reporting Portal.

The Casualty Investigation Code (MSC.255(84)) provides international standards and recommended practices for a safety investigation into a marine casualty or marine incident.

The Bahamas Merchant Shipping Act Ch.268. is an Act to make provision for the registration of ships; for the control, regulation and orderly development of merchant shipping; to make provision for the proper qualification of persons employed in the sea service; to regulate the terms and conditions of service of persons so employed; and for matters connected with and incidental to the foregoing.