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As container ships have scaled up and modernised, The BMA has adapted too. The Registry has the expertise to support you through any compliance issue you may have, no matter where in the world it arises. 

The BMA is a quality assured flag, dedicated to safeguarding the navigation and seaworthiness of your vessels so that the cargoes you care for move seamlessly around the globe.

Working closely with the world’s leading industry associations, The BMA acts in partnership as a leading authority and provides a unified voice for the global container and logistics community.

A leading voice influencing change in maritime safety

The Bahamas is not just a pretty flag on the back of a ship, but a team that is instrumental in helping change the industry

  • Upon completion of its investigation into structural failure of the container vessel MOL COMFORT, The Bahamas proposed changes to the LSA Code to increase ventilation rates for totally enclosed lifeboats.

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