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Application for Bahamas Nationals

BMA accepts paper applications from Bahamas nationals. Paper applications from Bahamas nationals should be submitted to the Nassau office.

Notice of Eligibility to Sit a Bahamas Assessment

BMA arranges assessments for Bahamians who have been trained for a STCW Certificate of Competence in navigation or marine engineering. The assessment dates are published in BMA Information Notice 01. Currently two assessment sessions are arranged per year, one in June and one in November.

Candidates to sit a Bahamas assessment need to get a Notice of Eligibility. The requirements for a Notice of Eligibility are spelled out in Bulletin 104.

When it is confirmed that an applicant is eligible he/she will receive a Notice of Eligibility (NoE) which they are required to bring for both the written and oral assessments. The result of the assessment will be noted on the NoE and the note passed for both written and oral assessments will entitle the candidate to receive a Certificate of Competency by presenting the NoE.

Revalidation of Certificates

Bahamians who need their certificates revalidated shall apply for revalidation via the Nassau office. Bahamas Certificates of Competency and -Proficiency will be revalidated when the requirements in Bulletin 130 are complied with. Applications for CoP’s for Bahamas National may also be issued by the BMA, however, please note that training institutions are also approved to issue certain Certificates of Proficiency.