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Yacht registration in the Bahamas presents a number of benefits to owners and their representatives.

As the quality registry, The BMA understands the complexity of yacht ownership and can offer a client-focused and highly responsive registration experience.

Straightforward Registration
The BMA provides a straightforward, cost effective and efficient registration procedure for private and charter yachts of 12 metres in length and above and also passenger yachts.

Proactive Approach
The BMA understands that yachts may have an innovative design or unconventional configuration and meets the specific needs of each and every yacht owner, while ensuring that adequate levels of safety are adhered to.

Expert Guidance
With a diverse, qualified and experienced global team of professional surveyors, auditors and registration personnel and our bespoke, tailored yacht code, developed to meet the growing expectations of owners, managers and Masters of Bahamian yachts, you can be assured of expert guidance through the entire registration process and beyond.

The BMA is renowned for its excellence in customer service. Its team is committed to developing a thorough understanding of the operational requirements of each vessel or fleet of vessels in order to deliver a high-quality, bespoke service that is tailored to meet the specific needs of every customer.

Yacht Registration – Bahamas Benefits

Yacht registration in The Bahamas presents a number of benefits to owners and their representatives:

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