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Benefits of registering a yacht in The Bahamas


Yacht registration in The Bahamas presents a number of benefits to owners and their representatives:

  • There are no ownership requirements, limitations or conditions of nationality, residence, or company incorporation for yacht registration.
    Any individual of any nationality can register a yacht in The Bahamas, saving a significant amount of time and money in setting up a company first.
  • Efficient registration process for yachts under construction and for existing yachts, with the opportunity to operate as soon as it is provisionally registered. 
  • Opportunity for small and larger private yachts and passenger to also engage in restricted chartering for not more than 84 days per calendar under the Private Yacht Restricted Charter (PYRC) and Passenger Private Yacht on Restricted Charter (PPYRC) certification regimes.

    This regime of operation is not available in areas where full commercial compliance is required for charter and it is the owner/operator responsibility to verify private charter is permitted by the local authority.

    Registering as a private yacht restricted charter with the Bahamas flag also allows an owner to operate under the Temporary Importation regime in Europe in which a yacht can operate without the vessel being subject to customs duties or the EU’s Value Added Tax (VAT).
  • Yachts certified to LY2/LY3 or similar codes are accepted
  • Bareboat / dual registration
  • Providing a global network of maritime experts
  • Personal service and flexibility, even outside of normal business hours
  • No restrictions on sale and mortgaging
  • No restrictions on nationality of crew
  • Competitive fee structure with low annual costs