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Register a Yacht in the Bahamas

Yacht owners seeking registration with The Bahamas should initially make contact with the BMA by email or through BMA London, Nassau, New York, Hong Kong, Piraeus and Tokyo offices.

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Phone: +44 (0) 20 7562 1300
Email: [email protected]

Contact our regional offices:

The full and exhaustive information to register a yacht in The Bahamas are provided in Yacht Notice 02 (YN002) “Registration of Yachts in The Bahamas”.

To start the registration process, the yacht owner, agents, or managers shall first complete and submit by email both forms below;

The remaining registration forms, as listed in Form YR101- Requirements for Registration, shall then be submitted together with the applicable registration fees.

Once all registration requirements are fulfilled, the yacht will be provisionally registered, and Bahamas certificates and documents will be issued, and the yacht will be fully operational.

  • Yachts may be registered whilst under construction.
  • Yachts are entered onto the Register as: “Charter Yacht”, “Private Yacht” or “Passenger Yacht”; and a yacht can operate as soon as it is provisionally registered.
  • Yachts will have the default status of “Charter Yacht” if the BMA is not advised otherwise. In order to maintain “Private Yacht” status, the owner or their representative shall submit a ‘Declaration of Private Use’ Form Y301 to the BMA at the first registration and at each year end at the same time as the payment of the annual fees for the following year. The Form will be countersigned by the BMA and returned to the yacht.
  • Full on-the-spot registration services including mortgage transactions, may be undertaken through all our BMA offices.
  • Mortgages may be registered over a yacht following its provisional registration.

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