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The Bahamas Maritime Authority to take part in the SAFETY4SEA Virtual Forum

The Bahamas Maritime Authority is pleased to be participating in the 12th SAFETY4SEA Virtual Forum, a 3-day event running from the 19th – 21st October.

Tom Jenkins, Deputy Director and Head of the Casualty and Investigations Department

Tom Jenkins, Deputy Director and Head of the Casualty and Investigations Department at The BMA, will be a speaker on the Crew Welfare panel, due to be broadcast at 10:00 GMT on Tuesday 19th October. He will be joined by Simon Frank, Thome Group, Chief Human Resources Officer, Joanna Kull, Alandia. Loss Prevention Executive, Dr Eng William Moore, American Club, Senior Vice President, Dr Periclis Tzardis, ShipMedCare, Chief Medical Officer, and Ann Wucher, Mental Health Support Solutions, Clinical Psychologist.

Crew Welfare is on the top of the maritime agenda thanks to initiatives such as the Neptune Declaration on “Seafarer Wellbeing and Crew Change”. Issues to be discussed during the session include:

  • What are the key challenges of this pandemic crisis for the shipping industry? Are there any opportunities for crew welfare?
  • Are there any alarming trends concerning crew welfare?
  • How would you assess industry stakeholders’ responses on the issue of crew welfare up to today?
  • Where should the industry focus on improving crew welfare today and in the post pandemic world?
  • What are the industry’s best practices with regards to crew welfare?

This subject is of vital importance to the maritime sector and The BMA has itself undertaken the Seafarer COVID-19 Welfare Survey, the results of which will be used to develop effective solutions and guide international efforts to improve the livelihoods of those who choose to serve at sea.

Please be part of the crew welfare conversation by registering for this free event here.