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The BMA takes part in the first ever SheEO conference

The Bahamas Maritime Authority has long been an advocate for creating more diversity in shipping so Managing Director and CEO, Captain Dwain Hutchinson, was honoured to be a speaker at the very first SheEO Conference.

SheEO was founded by Sanjam Sahi Gupta, a Director of Sitara Shipping Ltd and Executive Governor of the World Maritime University , with the aim of creating the next generation of female maritime leaders.

Captain Hutchinson was part of a panel discussing: The Future of Work: Adapting Business Models Post COVID-19 & Changing Technology where the blended approach towards learning and professional development, as well as the advancement of a number of technologies, were  amongst some of the areas highlighted as being the outcome of business adapting as a result of Covid. He said: “I would like to thank Sanjam Gupta for organising this event which was joined by more than 1,500 participants from 77 countries. This is an exciting time for shipping as more and more women not only enter the industry but  move into leadership roles. In The Bahamas, we are seeing this at grass roots level through The Bahamas Maritime Cadet Corps which this year enrolled a notable increase of female students onto its programme.”

Thanks to the participation and support of the many organisations taking part in the first Maritime SheEO conference, 100 trees were planted in a new Miyawaki Forest in India. This 100 tree grove will help offset 2,500kgs of carbon every year – another example of how shipping is playing its part in building a sustainable future.

The BMA receive plant a tree certificate of appreciation

In the First Maritime SheEO Conference, We have Planted 100 Trees Groove in a new Miyawaki Forest being created by Forest Creators called” Pulwama Shahid Van” at Kalai Gam- Valsad- Gujrat- India. This 100 Trees Groove will help set off 2,500kgs of Carbon every year. Together we can help heal mother earth and make our world a better place for the future generations.