STCW Training Approval

The STCW requires that some training leading to the issue of a certificate is approved by a STCW party. The International Maritime Organization does not approve any training courses or institutions as this is a privilege and responsibility of Member Governments who are Parties to the STCW.

Approval is normally given by the Maritime Administration of an STCW Party in accordance with the Convention requirements. The Bahamas Maritime Authority (BMA) is responsible for carrying out STCW approval on behalf of The Bahamas government. The Seafarers and Manning Department carries out the approval of such training subject to the course being conducted under a quality standard system and being conducted either:

  1. 1. The Bahamas OR
  2. 2. By an Owner or Manager operating Bahamian ship/units for seafarers who will be sailing on Bahamian ships/units and such training only relates to the requirements of STCW Chapters V and VI, or shipboard training for ratings in accordance with STCW Chapter II and III.

The BMA also conducts approval of training in relation to seafarer certification under the High Speed Craft Code.

The list of approved training contains a list of providers who are approved to conduct training and authorized to issue the applicable certificate to person(s) who have successfully completed the approved training. Any certificates issued during the validity period of the approval shall be considered as valid and any queries on the authenticity of a certificate can be directed to the point of contact noted on approval list.

Full guidelines and procedures are outlined in BMA Information No. 86 and a list of Bahamas Approved Training Centres is maintained on the website.

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