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World Maritime Day 2020

World Maritime Day

As a Maritime Nation, consisting of an Archipelago of some 700 islands, rocks and cays spread over some 100,000 square miles of beautiful coral seas; preservation of the marine environment is paramount to The Bahamas.

The IMO’s theme of ‘Sustainable shipping for a sustainable planet’ encompasses our values and commitment to enhancing the safety of seafarers while ensuring that we preserve our beautiful planet for future generations of people and wildlife.

World Maritime Day is an occasion when everyone involved in the shipping sector can come together to reflect on the past year and look to the ways we can help to shape our industry in the coming years.

During these challenging times, shipping continues to transport more than 80% of global trade.   We in The BMA are very proud of our industry and the active steps that it is taking to ensure that both the industry and the environment are sustained.

As an IMO Council member since the 1990s, The Bahamas remains an active IMO member contributing to the regulatory framework and measures as the organisation aims to achieve its strategic objectives for Safe, Secure and Efficient Shipping on Clean Seas.

We value and respect everyone working within the shipping industry and will continue to actively seek to collaborate and cooperate with any stakeholders that share our ethos in wanting to secure a sustainable future for us all.

Join the debate on Sustainable Shipping for a Sustainable Planet online on Thursday 24th September 2020 at 10.30 – 11.45 BST.    @IMOHQ#WorldMaritimeDay