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The BMA was proud to sponsor the Bari-Ship Forum 2023

The BMA was proud to be one of the sponsors of the Bari-Ship Forum 2023 which took place in Imabari, Japan from 25 – 27 May. The BMA delegation was led by Regional Director Capt Jahangir Hussain and included Japan Registrar, Juanita Butler, and Chie Funada.  The Forum and Exhibition were attended by the local shipping industry with exhibition booths being opened to the public on the final day.

Bari-Ship provided a wonderful opportunity for The BMA  to showcase The Bahamas’ commitment to the local  shipping industry in Japan. The delegation’s visit  will contribute to The BMA’s strategic aim to strengthen business relations with the shipping communities at Imabari and other neighbouring prefectures in Japan to ensure sustainable growth of the Authority.  

Captain Hussain pictured with Juanita Butler (centre) and Chie Funada (left)