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The BMA strengthens Partnerships with key stakeholders at Nor-Shipping

With an overall theme of “#PartnerShip”, this year’s Nor-Shipping conference and exhibition was the perfect venue for The BMA to initiate, and build on, thriving relationships with a wide range of stakeholders in all segments of our industry. The event, which took place in Oslo, Norway from 5th to 9th June, included representatives from ship-building communities around the world, Recognised Organisations, Maritime Authorities, Service Providers, IMO delegates, World Maritime University (WMU), Norwegian ship owners/managers, ship owners and others. 

The BMA delegation to the event, Managing Director & CEO, Capt. Dwain Hutchinson and Technical & Compliance Officer Capt. Kapila Malawwethanthri, were particularly glad to be back to in-person events and took full advantage of the possibility to network with people from the Norwegian maritime cluster and the broader global sector. Being in Norway also allowed the Authority to recognise and extend appreciation to  some of our long-standing Oslo-based partners.

Nor-Shipping brought together high-profile international leaders to engage in discussions and provide thoughtful insight on the critical issues affecting shipping ranging from environmental sustainability and climate change, to geopolitics, technology and the human factor with collaboration and mutually beneficial  partnerships at the heart of every conversation.

The event provided participants the opportunity to receive updates on the industry’s latest innovations and technology developments, learn about new segments, and, not least, to have the possibility of finding and developing business relations.

The BMA delegation held a number of formal, as well as informal, meetings with attending  executives of shipowners and managers, representatives from Bahamas Recognised Organisations, and a number of shipbuilding yard delegations.  The aim of these meetings was to highlight the quality standards and premier customer service of The Bahamas flag and to elevate long-standing partnerships further. The BMA’s service as a professional and quality flag administration  was appreciated by the wider stakeholders and we look forward to strengthening our relationships in the world’s fourth largest (by ship value) shipowning country.