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The BMA participates at Second Annual Bahamas Charter Yacht Show

The BMA was pleased to actively participate in the second annual Bahamas Charter Yacht Show which took place in New Providence between 25th and 28th January 2024.

The show featured more than 75 yachts, with over 160 brokers representing more than 50 yachting agencies.  Guests were able to visit The BMA stand at the Bay Street Marina and meet with The BMA team which was represented by Stacy Davis from the Registration Team and Larez Pinder and Kenneth Carey from the Inspections & Surveys Department. These discussions enabled many queries to be addressed with visitors learning much about the benefits of yacht registration with The Bahamas.

The BMA team also had the opportunity to visit onboard some of the yachts berthed at the Bay Street and Hurricane Hole Marinas. These interactive engagements with the owners, brokers and crew onboard the yachts allowed for  the collation of invaluable feedback and the opportunity to strengthen ties with yacht stakeholders with yachts both flagged with The Bahamas and those chartering in Bahamian waters but foreign-flagged.  

Overall, The Bahamas Charter Yacht Show proved to be an amazing opportunity to liaise with industry stakeholders, continue promoting the brand and let the yachting sector know that The Bahamas is indeed open for yacht registration business.