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The BMA expands services to yacht owners

The Bahamas Maritime Authority (BMA) is pleased to announce that it has expanded its services to yacht owners through the appointment of a number of companies as Yacht Survey Organisations (YSOs) and Aviation Inspection Bodies (AIBs).

The new YSOs, who are authorised to undertake statutory certification and services for yachts of less than 500 gross tonnage in accordance with the applicable requirements of the Bahamas Yacht Codes, are Bahamas Central Ltd, Libero Hellenic Register and NautX Ltd.

The introduction of these additional YSOs demonstrates The BMA’s commitment to the yachting community. It is the only flag with a dedicated code for small charter yachts.

The BMA has long been an innovator in registry services and recognises that yacht design and technology has evolved significantly in recent years. To meet these changes it has developed specific technical and surveys requirements, tailored to small (12 to 24 metres), large (over 24 metres) and passenger yachts in charter (commercial) or private (non-commercial) use and for private yachts in restricted charter use.

Numbers of superyachts with aviation capabilities are increasing every year and, to ensure the safety and efficiency of these heliports, The BMA has appointed three new AIBs. Bahamas’ flagged yachts are required to operate regulatory compliant heliports in accordance with The BMA’s Yacht Code so access to the new AIBs for inspections will be a major benefit for its clients. The AIBs are authorised to undertake inspections and issue certification. The AIBs appointed by The BMA are Helideck Certification Agency, Maritime Aviation, and Safeguard Helidecks.

Stephen Keenan, The BMA’s Deputy Director and Head of Inspections & Surveys

Stephen Keenan, The BMA’s Deputy Director and Head of Inspections & Surveys, said: ”We are delighted to have appointed these companies as YSOs and AIBs. We are known for our quality of both service and fleet and each of these companies demonstrates a similar dedication to excellence.

“This is a significant expansion of yacht services. We understand the complexities of yacht ownership and management and are continuously looking for ways to improve the experience of our owners. By appointing these new YSOs and AIBs we are ensuring that our clients have easy access to the services they require when they need them.”

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