BMA watermark crest

The BMA attends the annual Propeller Club dinner in Honour of Donors

Dimitri Tsiftsis, Regional Director of the Bahamas Maritime Authority (BMA), was pleased to represent The Flag at the annual Propeller Club dinner which was held on Monday, October 30 in the Caryatids Hall  at the Grand Hyatt Hotel, Athens. The event was held in honour of the club’s donors and was attended by 250 distinguished guests from the international shipping community.

The BMA was among those organisations presented with a special plaque as a symbol of the Club’s appreciation for their support and valuable contribution. Overall the Propeller Club has some 950 active members.  

Welcoming guests was the Propeller Club’s Governor, Chrysanthi Stefanou, who is also President of the Club’s Events and Forums Committee, followed by a greeting from the club’s President, Costis Frangoulis, who said to attendees, “Tonight is dedicated to all of you. Our primary goal is the development of our social work, which we could not achieve without your valuable input and contribution.”

Theofilos Xenakoudis, Governor and Chairman of the Fundraising Committee, then thanked all attending companies for their support. Finally, the President, along with Board members, presented the representative from each company with an honorary plaque.

The very pleasant evening was rounded off by a music programme by the Odin’s House Project band.