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The Bahamas renews its NEAFC membership which will benefit Bahamian flagged refrigerated cargo ships

The Bahamas has had its status as a Cooperating Non-Contracting party to the North East Atlantic Fisheries Commission (NEAFC) renewed by a unanimous vote of the NEAFC contracting Parties at the 38th annual general meeting of NEAFC.

This level of support recognises The Bahamas efforts in supporting the NEAFC’s high standards in fisheries resources management and non-compromising adherence to eradication of Illegal, Unreported and Unregulated fishing (IUU).

The Bahamas achievement of NEAFC Cooperating Non-Contracting party status enables Bahamian flagged refrigerated cargo ships to retain authorisation to engage in transshipment operations with regulatory cargo for the year 2020.

The NEAFC is the Regional Fisheries Management Organisation (RFMO) for the North East Atlantic where the NEAFC’s objective is to ensure the long-term conservation and optimum utilisation of the fishery resources in the Convention Area (southern tip of Greenland, east to the Barents Sea, and south to Portugal).