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Paris MoU ranking consolidates The Bahamas’ position as a top registry

The 2021 performance listings of the Paris MoU once again place The Bahamas in the top echelons of the White List, consolidating the flag’s recognition by the United States Coast Guard through its Qualship 21 programme.

The pandemic has created challenges for the entire maritime sector, but The Bahamas Maritime Authority (BMA) has made use of technology to ensure that ships registered in The Bahamas continue to be operated and managed efficiently and safely.  The support and advice that The BMA provides to Owners and Managers to assist them with port state control and regulatory compliance issues, as well as the regular flag state inspections, statutory audits and surveys of the fleet that have been undertaken remotely during the past year, ensure its ships comply in all respects with the international conventions and so uphold the reputation of The Bahamas.

It’s not only The BMA team that have been instrumental in this achievement as this is very much a collaborative effort with its Recognised Organisations, Nautical Inspectors, Owners and Managers.  Of equal importance is the shipboard crew who, despite the challenges of COVID-19, have continued to maintain and operate the vessels and their equipment to the required standards with the result being demonstrated in the quality performance standards achieved.

Stephen Keenan, Deputy Director Inspections and Surveys Department at The BMA, said: “We are very pleased to note that The Bahamas remains in the top 10 flag States in the Paris MoU White List for the 7th consecutive year. To have maintained our Top 10 position in such a difficult year is a testament to the owners and managers of Bahamian ships and their masters, officers and crew. We take the opportunity to express our gratitude to them, and to thank our Recognised Organisations, Inspectors and staff, for their continuous commitment to maintaining standards at the highest level.”