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New Chairman for BSA

John Adams has been elected as the new Chairman of the Bahamas Shipowners’ Association (BSA). John is Managing Director of Teekay Shipping Glasgow, which is one of Teekay’s main operations hubs. He is responsible for long-range planning and future growth and diversification strategies. Teekay Corporation owns and operates a fleet of 185 vessels and offshore units, with more than 100 under Bahamian Registry.

John has an extensive background in the shipping industry, specializing in Strategy Development and Change Management, and has previously held senior management positions with two leading Shipping Companies – and as an independent Consultant.

As John says “The shipping industry is one of the most dynamic, exciting, and challenging sectors of international business – and today, probably more than ever, we face some of our greatest challenges: increased and complex environmental legislation; incidents that impact the reputation of the shipping industry; commercial pressures and customer differentiation; and access to highly qualified employees ashore, and at sea”. These points provide an insight to what focuses John’s mind, and he believes that each shipping company and maritime organization, such as the BSA, must also drive leadership in Safety; Operational Excellence; Financial Strategies; and the Human Element.

John joined the BSA Board of Directors in 2010, and is very much looking forward to taking up the challenges of being Chairman, where he is committed to setting a new Strategic Direction for the BSA with clear objectives and priorities. He will drive a progressive agenda, highlighting the benefits of BSA membership, and continuing to promote the interests of owners of Bahamian registered vessels and consultation with the Bahamas Maritime Authority.

John will also represent the BSA on the Board of the International Chamber of Shipping (ICS).