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June 2019 saw Guyana hosting the Twenty-Fourth Meeting of the Caribbean Port State Control Committee

Caribbean Port State Control Committee

Whilst the Bahamas is known for its quality fleet as a flag state, The Bahamas is also an active participant of the CPSCC which is the governing body of the Caribbean Memorandum of Understanding (CMOU) on Port State Control. The CMOU’s aim of the eradication of substandard ships operating in the Caribbean Region through a system of harmonised Port State Inspections is fully supported by The Bahamas, which recognises the value and importance of maritime trade and the long term sustainability of the region.

The Bahamas was represented at CPSCC 24 by the Bahamas Maritime Authority (BMA) Managing Director & CEO Capt Dwain Hutchinson, and the BMA Technical & Compliance Officer Mr Giovanni Ciniglio and BMA Technical Officer Mr Kenneth Carey. 

The meeting saw the CMOU membership increased to 20 member states with the attendees, amongst other matters , taking decisions to amend the Port state control guidelines, revise the CMOU strategic plan, review the Caribbean regional safety codes, approving the annual Port State report and consider the next regional Concentrated Inspection campaign.