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Eyesea gives us all the opportunity to support the marine environment

For everyone who spends time at sea, the increasing pollution of the oceans is a cause for great concern but, although there are many organisations promoting cleaner seas, the launch of Eyesea is the first attempt to give every seafarer a pro-active role in pulling together data showing the exact location of marine pollution so that action can be targeted.

As a small island state that relies heavily on the seas for its prosperity, The Bahamas Maritime Authority is particularly concerned with the issue of marine pollution and is an active supporter of many organisations that work to make the oceans sustainable.

The BMA’s Regional Director and Business Development Director, Steve Bomgardner is an Ambassador and Officer of Eyesea. He said:

Steve Bomgardner
Steve Bomgardner – Regional Director & Business Development Director

“I am honoured to be able to play my part in promoting Eyesea. I will be working with other bodies, such as The North American Marine Environment Protection Association (NAMEPA) which has partnered with Eyesea, to build this vital world map of marine pollution.”