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Bahamas Maritime Week – find a career where you could flourish!

Shipping is a vital part of the world economy delivering approximately 90% of all the world’s goods, supporting the global economy and providing holidays for millions of guests and The Bahamas Maritime Authority (BMA) is keen to share its many opportunities at a national level within The Bahamas.  Supported by representatives of the maritime sector, we will be engaged  in a number of activities over the course of the week to strengthen and promote national awareness of shipping. 

Our industry offers a huge number of career prospects that extend way beyond working on a ship – from engineering to navigation, finance to marketing, surveying and auditing, guest services, training, and law to logistics – all aspects of businesses are incorporated in maritime.

Coinciding with World Maritime Day on the 29th of September, the week will introduce young Bahamians to the world of shipping, giving them unprecedented access to leading industry personnel and companies. 

Visit Bahamas Maritime Week to find your future role in this hugely exciting and fascinating industry.