Casualty and Incident Reporting

The Bahamas Merchant Shipping Act 1976 section 240A requires the Master to report damage sustained by or accidents caused to a Bahamian registered vessel should be reported that result in: loss of life; total loss of the vessel; serious injury; material damage affecting the vessel’s seaworthiness or machinery or hull damage affecting the vessel efficiency. Any subsequent Investigation will be conducted in accordance with IMO “Casualty Investigation Code” MSC.255(84)


When to report:
IMMEDIATELY as per Bulletin No: 4

How to Report:
On form CRF-1 as per Bulletin No: 4

How to Report Stowaways:
On Form SIR as per Bulletin No: 4

How to Report Smuggled Migrants
On Form SMR as per Bulletin No: 4

When completting forms SIR or SMR, please complete form
List of Stowaways or Migrants