Yacht Registry

The Bahamas Maritime Authority is pleased to introduce The Bahamas Yacht Code (BYC), which is now available together with Bulletins to advise and aid the registration of all yachts under THE BAHAMAS FLAG.

The Bahamas development of Yacht Registry continues.  This growing sector of shipping has its own separate space and structure within the Bahamas Maritime Authority (BMA).  The Government of The Bahamas tasked the BMA to create a separate dedicated sector of its operation to cater for the yacht sector.

In late 2009 work commenced on creating The Bahamas Yacht Code – BYC – which became effective in Bahamian law early in 2011.

This is the first stage in providing a complete, independent and yet sensible set of Regulations, Guidelines and requirements to meet the growing expectations of owners, managers and captains of Bahamian yachts.

yachtThe technical and operational structure for the registration and management of Large Yachts, those over 24 m Load Line Length, is now subject to The Bahamas Yacht Code.  The implementation of this, with an appropriate transitional period, is dealt with in the current version of The Bahamas Bulletin No 102.

A new separate Bulletin, No 133, is now published to cater for yachts of less than 24 m.  This deals with the ‘Small Yachts’ under a similar structure and regime to Bulletin No 102.

“Commercial” or “Non-commercial” use
In presenting these procedures The Bahamas is defining the status of use of a yacht as either “Commercial” or “Non-commercial” and introducing a new process that will enable owners to quickly and easily change that status, by a single exchange of correspondence and an entry in the yacht’s Official Log Book.  This is part of a simplified procedure that will provide clear evidence to attending Authorities of the yacht’s status but avoids the need to constantly amend the certificate of Registry.

yachtThis revised process is The Bahamas response to requests from owners who have asked for such flexibility.  Owners that wish to keep their yachts in permanent “Commercial” or “Non-commercial” use have a simple associated process to follow.

In the mean time we are pleased to make available the BAHAMAS YACHT CODE and the specific yacht application forms to commence registration and make an application for a Safe Manning Document.

Further documents, advice, forms and a “FAQ” section will follow to provide all users with the service that Bahamian owners expect of this Administration.


BMA Bulletin 81 –  Fees Schedule for all vessels, including Yachts
BMA Bulletin 102 – Procedures for Yachts – 24 metres length or more
BMA Bulletin 133 – Procedures for Yachts – less than 24 metres length
MGN 280 – Small Vessels in Commercial Use for Sport or Pleasure, Workboats and Pilot Boats