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The Bahamas, Proud to maintain ‘Qualship 21’ Status

United States Coast Guard QUALSHIP 21 & E-Zero Program

Providing information on the United States Coast Guard (USCG) QUALSHIP 21 and E-Zero programs.

USCG efforts to eliminate substandard shipping have focused on improving methods to identify poor-quality ships and recognising and rewarding higher-quality ships at Port State Control (PSC) inspections. Therefore, on 01 January 2001 the USCG implemented the QUALSHIP 21 initiative to identify high-quality ships and provide incentives to encourage quality operations.

The USCG introduced the E-Zero designation on 01 July 2017 for ships enrolled in the
QUALSHIP 21 program that meet strict additional environmental requirements.

E-zero is a new initiative that focuses on compliance with international environmental
conventions and United States ballast water regulations. The E-zero designation is
intended to provide a higher level of recognition within the existing QUALSHIP 21

Details on the incentives for QUALSHIP 21 ships and new incentives for QUALSHIP
21/E-Zero ships, eligibility, enrolment, and renewal requirements are available on the
USCG website at:

QUALSHIP 21 and The Bahamas

The 3-year rolling average detention ratio for 2017-2019 was 0.46% and The Bahamas is therefore eligible for QUALSHIP 21 status. The BMA continues to actively monitor all PSC inspections and places great importance on maintaining a low rate of detentions in both the USA and elsewhere.

Owners and Managers of Bahamas registered ships are therefore urged to ensure that any ships calling at ports in the USA are fully prepared for the possibility of a PSC inspection by the USCG.

It should be noted that there is no automatic re-enrolment of qualified ships for QUALSHIP 21. Owners must reapply for QUALSHIP21 when the current certificate expires.

All lifesaving appliances, firefighting equipment and essential equipment should be tested before arrival, be in full working order and ready for immediate use and the crew adequately trained for and familiar with their duties.

QUALSHIP 21 companies operating Bahamas registered ships

The USCG periodically publishes a list of ships that have gained QUALSHIP 21 status. Based on the most recent USCG list (04 September 2020), the following Companies operating Bahamas registered ships have qualified for QUALSHIP 21:

  • Adelfia Navigation S.A.
  • Anglo-Eastern (UK) Limited
  • Anglo-Eastern Shipmanagement (Singapore) Pte. Ltd.
  • Ariston Navigation Corp.
  • Campbell Shipping Company Limited
  • Charterwell Maritime S.A.
  • Chartworld Shipping Corporation
  • Chevron Transport Corporation Limited
  • Diana Shipping Services S.A.
  • Dockendale Ship Management DMC Co.
  • Dorian LPG Management Corp
  • E. Nomikos Corp.
  • Enterprises Shipping & Trading S.A.
  • Fafalios Shipping S.A.
  • Gestmar Tehnika d.o.o.
  • Grace Management S.A.
  • Green Management Sp. z.o.o.
  • Gulf Energy Maritime (Gem) Pjsc
  • International Tanker Management Limited
  • Ionia Management S.A.
  • M Phoenix Shipping Co., Ltd.
  • Misuga Kaiun Holland B.V.
  • NCL (Bahamas) Ltd.
  • Row Management Ltd.
  • Samos Steamship (Cyprus) Ltd.
  • Samos Steamship Co.
  • Seaquest Shipmanagement d.o.o.
  • Seatrade Groningen B.V.
  • SMT Shipping Poland sp z o.o.
  • Stamco Ship Management Company Limited
  • Sun Enterprises Ltd.
  • Teekay Marine (Singapore) PTE Ltd
  • Thor Dahl Shipmanagement AS
  • Tide Line Inc.
  • Tsakos Columbia Shipmanagement (TCM”) S.A.”
  • V. Ships USA LLC (Boston)
  • V.Ships Monaco
  • Valerie Ship Management LLC
  • Wilhelmsen Ship Management (Korea) Ltd
  • Wilhelmsen Ship Management Ltd.
  • Wisby Shipmanagement AB

The BMA congratulates these Companies, and the Masters, Officers and crews of their QUALSHIP 21 eligible ships, on achieving their awards.

Companies not listed above who have QUALSHIP 21 eligible ships are requested to provide copies of the QUALSHIP 21 certificate(s) to The BMA, so that the Company can be added to the list.

List of Bahamas registered ships with E-Zero Designation

Owners and managers who have QUALSHIP 21 eligible ships may also be eligible for the E-Zero designation. The BMA encourages owners and managers of eligible ships to apply for E-Zero status.

The following Bahamas registered ships have been awarded E-Zero designation, as of
04 September 2020

  • AFRICAN HORNBILL – 9599779
  • AFRODITE – 9292620
  • APOLLON – 9289532
  • ARIADNE – 9292967
  • AXIOS – 9294666
  • DISNEY DREAM – 9434254
  • DISNEY FANTASY – 9445590
  • DISNEY MAGIC – 9126807
  • DISNEY WONDER – 9126819
  • NEFELI – 9291432
  • SEOUL SPIRIT – 9248409
  • TIANLONG SPIRIT – 9378369

The BMA congratulates the Masters, Officers and crews of these ships, and their
Companies, on achieving their awards and for their commitment to environmental

The BMA congratulate the Masters, Officers and crews of these ships, and their Companies, on achieving their awards and for their commitment to environmental stewardship.

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