Technical Alerts (2017)

BMA Technical Alerts, these Alerts are provided by the Bahamas Maritime Authority with the aim of highlighting incidents, lessons learnt and to increase awareness, which may help avoid similar incidents occurring elsewhere.

Any queries on the content of the information provided should be referred to the party providing the information, which may not be the BMA.

Technical Alerts
Alert No 17-01: AMSA Directions on limiting sulphur emissions from cruise ships whilst at berth Sydney Harbour
Alert No. 17-03: Revision of Bahamas Seaman Record Book
Alert No. 17-04: Lifejacket light battery failure: Alcares, Jack A1-Alk and Jack ARH-Alk
Alert No. 17-05: Port State Control Special Inspection Campaign in China
Alert No. 17-06 : Requirements of Photographs for BMA documents issued to Seafarers
Alert No. 17-07: Port State Conrol - United States Coast Guard QUALSHIP 21 & E-Zero Programs
Alert No. 17-08: Joint CIC byParis and Tokyo MoU 2017